Top 5 Wednesday: Characters You’d Want as Family

For anyone unfamiliar with Top 5 Wednesday, it’s a weekly meme that was created by Lainey from gingerreadslainey and is now moderated by Sam from Thoughts On Tomes. The group communicates through Goodreads.

September 7: Characters You’d Want as Family
You can say this in a broad way or be specific (i.e. _______ would be a cool aunt, ______ would be a great older brother, etc.)

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September 2016 TBR

Wow! It only felt like yesterday that I was typing up my August TBR! Time flew by! So many books to read, so hard to pick few. Like I mentioned on my August Wrap Up, I am a mood reader. So for this month, I am starting off small and hopefully will finish big. I will list only fourish books that I wanted to read but I might change my mind depending on my mood. In addition to the list, I will be finishing up Nevernight by Jay Kristoff as well as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Here’s goes… 

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August 2016 Wrap Up

Here’s my Wrap Up for August. I had a good month, at least in my opinion, and I have read one book, 3 graphic novels and still reading one book. I am a mood reader, so don’t be surprised to see some books in here that wasn’t in the August TBR and don’t be surprised to see the books that I wanted to read for August isn’t in here either. I did not get to every book that I wanted to read for August and that is okay. Like I said, I’m a mood reader. 

Here are the books in the chronological order that I have read. 

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