Nicole’s Most Anticipated Releases | February 2020


Here are my most anticipated books releases for February. I have decided to do it monthly. It’s easier for me to remember which book came out that I’m looking forward to the most. Let me know in the comments below on your own most anticipated books for the month of February.

Please go here to get the synopsis for the books down below. 

February 4th  / 6th

All the Stars and Teeth | Heartstopper, Vol. 3

February 11th / 18th / 25th

Honor Lost | Of Curses and Kisses | The Shadows Between Us



2 thoughts on “Nicole’s Most Anticipated Releases | February 2020

  1. indiefan20 says:

    I’m really excited about reading ‘When We Were Vikings,’ it was just added to my local library but of course before I could check it out somebody beat me to it. I think I might just end up buying it. 🙂

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    • Nicole @ booksinked says:

      I’m planning on putting the book on hold because I have so many books already on hold and ready to be go when their hold is off the schedule hold. I’m excited about this book.

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