My Reading Goals | 2020

2020 Goals

Hello. Long-time no see! I’m back doing my annual posts such as Favorite Covers, Goals, etc, etc. This is the second of many to be posted. I feel like I didn’t do great but at the same time, I did. You’ll see what I meant. I’ll compare my 2019 Goals and see if I finished them or not and then after that, talk about my 2020 Goals. 

I hope your last decade and the past year treated you beautifully and I hope for the best 2020 and the best decade for you all. 

Goodreads Challenge

I read and finish a few books this year but I truly want to change that for 2019. I am going to set it at 12 books, one per month just like I did last year. I feel good at that number. Oddly enough, I didn’t feel the pressure of finishing my challenge when I set it at 12 compared to 25 or 30. I read 14! HUGE improvement from years past. I finished 12 early in 2019 and read two more since then. It happens. Not at all upset about it. 

I’m keeping my goal at 12 because I feel it is achievable for me. If I read more, HELL yes. I am hoping though to read a lot more. I just need to learn to balance my time with my iPad and reading. 

My Personal Challenge

I created my own year-long challenge so I can push myself a bit of reading books that aren’t always YA but Adult, Middle Grade, Non-Fiction, etc, etc. If you want me to post my prompts, please do let me know and I’m more happy to do so. I created around 25 prompts and I hope to hit at least half. I didn’t finish my own challenge. Sad to say because it’s 25 prompts and I read 14. It wasn’t hard per se but I think I lost interest in some prompts because it wasn’t my thing. I found out my own interests this past year and yeah. 

With that being said, I’m thinking to change my own prompts and see what I can achieve and be damn proud of myself. If you have any ideas, throw them at me, please. 

Reading Challenges

As you can tell, I have joined a reading challenge – Beat the Backlist. Just like everyone else, I tend to buy books that I’m excited about but never read them because of the newer books that were just released. I need to stop that and just read these books that are been waiting for me to crack them open and jump into the world.

I am also going to try to see if I can use Book Riot’s Read HarderPopsugar, and Reading Women. I am not going to cry if I didn’t finish any of these challenges. It is just a way of pushing myself. I did have books that work for a few of these prompts. So, I’m very proud of myself. I just didn’t finish one of them. They were awesome to help me figure out what to read because I literally have a hard time picking a book to read because um, I want to read them all. 

I have decided to just do two reading challenges for 2020. They are Popsugar and Reading Women. I feel like they fit me better and I can easily work with them. Like I said, they’ll help me figure out what to read next. I’m also going to keep on with Beat the Backlist. Here’s my announcement post


This is a new goal for myself. I tend to forget if I actually read a book or not so I saw that Book Riot has posted a Google Sheet and has it a way for us to keep track. You can make adjustments to your liking and I am in love with this tracking sheet. I actually loved using this throughout the year. I changed and I added and I removed. I think I found what works for me this past year and it was a huge help. Praise be. 

I am using what I have used this past year using the very same tracker so check out the link-up above in the 2019 section. I just basically removed everything book/author and start fresh for 2020 with new colors and new fonts. 


7 thoughts on “My Reading Goals | 2020

  1. Hannie says:

    Reading challenges are hard for me because I can never tell in January what my hobbies will be like for the year. This year, I read a ton and video games took a backseat, but I’ve had other years where I barely read anything because I got sucked into a game for months. I like to set my Goodreads goal to the absolute bare minimum that I am willing to allow myself to read to make sure I achieve that, and anything over that is just a bonus.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nicole @ booksinked says:

      Understandable. I wanted it to be 52. One book per week. Easy peachy but knowing myself. 12 books. One per month. Easier. 🙂 I wish you luck in your reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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