Books I’m looking Forward to in the Second Half of 2019


Hello! If you haven’t checked out my own personal most anticipated books for the first half, please check out the link. I have so many choices, it is harder to narrow it down but I’m going to try my best. This will be from July to December. I’m posting this a month early because I know myself, I will put this post off for a long time so better than early than late. 

Note: The links to its Goodreads page is in the title.


Three Women (9th) | Heartstopper, Vol. 2 (9th) | Jade War (23rd) | Gods of Jade and Shadow (23rd)


The Dragon Republic (6th) | Hello Girls (6th) | Say You Still Love Me (6th)
To Be Taught, If Fortunate (8th) | The Revolution of Birdie Randolph (20th) | Fence, Vol. 3 (20th)
My Life as an Ice Cream Sandwich (27th) | Pumpkinheads (27th) | The Beekeeper of Aleppo (27th)


Darkdawn (3rd) | Loki: Where Mischief Lies (3rd) | Eclipse the Skies (3rd) | A House of Rage and Sorrow (3rd)
Gideon the Ninth (10th) | Frankly in Love (10th) | His Hideous Heart (10th) | Slay (24th)


Ninth House (1st) | Rebel (1st) | The Beautiful (8th)
A Kingdom for a Stage (8th) | Rogue Heart (8th) | Our Wayward Fate (15th)


The Starless Sea (5th) | The Toll (5th) | Supernova (5th)
Girls of Storm and Shadow (5th) | The Book of Lost Saints (5th) | The Deep (5th)
The How & the Why (6th) | The Queen of Nothing (19th)



Children of Virtue and Vengeance (3rd)

I’m having a hard time finding books that I am looking forward to reading for December. If you know of any based on my tastes thus far in this post, please do let me know.


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