Bookish News | December 2018


Welcome back to Bookish News! Here’s the news that I have gathered over the month of December.

Please let me know of any news that I missed in December and I am more than happy to update this post. Also, let me know of any other sources that would let me know of Authors’ news such as a new book deal, cover reveals, etc. Thank you!

Every link that I have posted below is to the actual news, actual trailer, other author’s twitter, or different sources. If you see an image, most likely, it will have a link to its Goodreads page or its source.

Book News

Call Me by Your Name Sequel!
Call Me By Your Name is getting a sequel according to the Tweet by André Aciman. He wants a sequel so bad in fact, he’s writing one! No other details though. Will keep an eye out for it. (Source).

Victoria Schwab’s Sequel Title!
Victoria has announced her title for the sequel to City of Ghosts, her MG novel that has been released this year. It will be called… Bones of Tunnels! (Victoria’s IG).

George R.R. Martin!
George R.R. Martin has promised the fans that he will finish the next book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, The Winds of Winter. In his blog, George has thanked his fans for the support of his 700 pages novel, Fire and Blood, about House Targaryen history. One thing is interesting to note, he not only said that we will get The Winds of Winter, but we will also get other things such as the final season of Game of Thrones is coming soon in April, a new TV show, The Long Night (They’re working on casting & not sure about the name, though) and few TV shows are getting a script. “…Winter is not the only thing that is coming,” said George on his blog. (Source).

Michelle Obama’s New Becoming Tour Dates!
Michelle Obama has announced that she has added a few more dates here in the US as well as an overseas tour. It will start on February 8th. The cities are: Tacoma, Portland, Phoenix, Austin, Houston, St. Paul, Milwaukee, and Cleveland — before heading abroad for 10 more cities — Vancouver, Edmonton, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Montreal, and Toronto. There are tickets for these locations and here’s the information you can access: Becoming website. (Source).

Cher’s New Book!
Cher on Twitter has announced that she’s releasing a new book, coming out in the first part of 2020. It seems it is going to be her memoir. No other information. Will keep an eye out for it. (Source).

Alyssa Milano’s Children Book!
Milano has signed a major book deal with Scholastic and will work with Eric S. Keyes, who is going to Illustrate the books. It’s going to be a series called Hope and the first volume is slated for a release on October 1st. “It’s described as an empowering fiction series centered on a spunky 11-year-old girl who seeks to create social change in her community.” (Source).

The Dark Crystal First Look!
The link provided will have the first look (and the casts of the voices) of the characters in Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal. It will be with Netflix – it will launch at some point this year. There’s a lot of names that we all know such as Jason Issac (Harry Potter‘s Lucius Malfoy) and Helena Bonham-Carter (Bellatrix Lestrange), Keegan-Michael Key (Key and Peele), and more! (Source).

Movie News

The Dry by Jane Harper!
Eric Bana will be starring as Aaron Falk from The Dry by Jane Harper. “It is set to start shooting in Victoria in February, with Papandrea’s Made Up Pictures producing and Bana and Connolly as executive producers” via (Source).

David Arnold’s The Strange Fascinations Of Noah Hypnotik!
Andrew Lanham is going to adapt the novel for Paramount Players. The movie rights were acquired back in February 2018. (Source).

Kate Alice Marshall’s I Am Still Alive!
There was competitive bidding for Kate Alice Marshall’s I Am Still Alive. In the end, Universal Pictures has optioned the movie rights. The father will be played by Ben Affleck. He is finalizing a deal to produce through his Pearl Street Films banner. “Lori Evans Taylor, who scripted the upcoming Bed Rest, will adapt the novel for the screen.”(Source).

TV News

The Refrigerator Monologues Adaptation!
Amazon is working on an adaptation out of a novella based on The Refrigerator Monologues called Deadtown. Shauna Cross will write the screenplay. She’s well known for her part of Whip It and Bad Santa 2. (Source).

Blake Crouch’s Recursion!
Recursion isn’t releasing till June 11th and he is already getting a movie and a TV series out of the novel. Thanks to Netflix and Shonda Rhimes and Matt Reeves – they will do just that. (Source).

A Blade So Black by L.L. McKinney!
A Blade So Black by L.L. McKinney has been optioned for the TV rights by Lionsgate Television. (Source).

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are being renewed – technically – 16 more episodes, which will air in two parts (parts 3 & 4) by Netflix. Season 2 is set to premiere April 5, 2019. Parts 3 and 4 are slated to go into production in 2019. (Source).


Cover Reveals

the strange fascinations of noah hypnotik_paperback girl gone viral the wedding party inland her royal highness Not Even Bones RD 7 Final If It Makes You Happy blood heir Chain of Gold the last time i saw you color me in five midnights the ascent to godhood the stars we steal anya and the dragon magic ramen Aurora Rising the hearts we sold_paperback a dream so dark meet me in monaco american panda_paperback the last voyage of poe blythe love from a to z

*The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik by David Arnold (Paperback) – May 21st.
*Girl Gone Viral by Arvin Ahmadi – May 21st. (Source).
*The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory – July 16th. (Source).
*Inland by Téa Obreht – August 13th. (Source).
*Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins – May 7th. (Source).
*Only Ashes Remain by Rebecca Schaeffer – September 3rd. (Source).
*If It Makes You Happy by Claire Kann – June 4th. (Source).
*Blood Heir by Amélie Wen Zhao – June 4th. (Source).
*Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare – November 19th. 
*The Last Time I Saw You by Liv Constantine – May 7th. (Source).
*Color Me In by Natasha Diaz – August 20th. (Source).
*Five Midnights by Ann Dávila Cardinal – June 4th.
*The Ascent to Godhood by JY Yang – July 30th. (Source).
*The Stars We Steal by Alexa Donne – February 4, 2020. (Source).
*Anya and the Dragon by Sofiya Pasternack – September 24th. (Source).
*Magic Ramen: The Story of Momofuku Ando by Andrea Wang & Kana Urbanowicz (Illustrations) – March 5th. (Source).
*Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff – May 7th. (Source).
*The Hearts We Sold (Paperback) by Emily Lloyd-Jones- July 7th. (Source).
*A Dream So Dark by L.L. McKinney – September 24th.
*Meet Me in Monaco by Hazel Gaynor & Heather Webb – July 23rd. (Source).
*American Panda (Paperback) by Gloria Chao – July 2nd. (Source).
*The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe by Ally Condie – March 26th. (Source).
*Love From A to Z by S.K. Ali – May 7th. (Source). 


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