2019 Reading Goals


Happy New Year! I hope your 2019 will be filled with laughter and wonderful memories!

I didn’t do that great with my 2018 Goals so I’m not going to reflect on it and worry and feel bad that I didn’t reach these goals. I am going to be reasonable for 2019 and do small things. I am just going to do just my reading goals, not my blogging goals.

I feel good at where I am with my blog. It may be boring and very simple with no reviews and a lot of tags but I think I bring originality by doing monthly news and author tour dates (if you have any sources that I can use for either these posts – please let me know!).

Goodreads Challenge
I read and finish a few books this year but I truly want to change that for 2019. I am going to set it at 12 books, one per month just like I did last year. I feel good at that number. Oddly enough, I didn’t feel the pressure of finishing my challenge when I set it at 12 compared to 25 or 30. 

My Personal Challenge
I created my own year-long challenge so I can push myself a bit of reading books that aren’t always YA but Adult, Middle Grade, Non-Fiction, etc etc. If you want me to post my prompts, please do let me know and I’m more happy to do so. I created around 25 prompts and I hope to hit at least half.

Reading Challenges
As you can tell, I have joined a reading challenge – Beat the Backlist. Just like everyone else, I tend to buy books that I’m excited for but never read them because of the newer books that were just released. I need to stop that and just read these books that are been waiting for me to crack them open and jump into the world.

I am also going to try to see if I can use Book Riot’s Read HarderPopsugar, and Reading Women. I am not going to cry if I didn’t finish any of these challenges. It is just a way of pushing myself. 

This is a new goal for myself. I tend to forget if I actually read a book or not so I saw that Book Riot has posted a Google Sheet and have it a way for us to keep track. You can make adjustments to your liking and I am in love with this tracking sheet. 


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