US vs UK Covers


I thought this would be fun for me to do. There has been a lot of covers reveals from both the U.S. and the U.K. I am only doing at least 10 covers this round. If I am able to find more, I will do the next 10 in the next round.

I’m also thinking to do international ones as well but I am not 100% sure where I can find sources for these. If you do know, please do let me know and I will do one! 

Are there any results that you don’t agree? What is your absolute favorite cover that isn’t U.S. edition? What book covers would you like me to talk about in my next round?

This Savage Song

Winner: U.S. edition 

I love the U.S. edition more over the U.K. edition. Reason? It’s very simple. I love the red undertone in the shape of a violin. You can see the city there. Don’t get me started on the typography. LOVE IT! U.K. edition, well… It’s very simple and boring. I truly don’t understand the purpose of the branch and the rose. 

The Hate U Give

Winner: U.S. edition

I adore both covers but I find myself drawn to the U.S. edition more. I think it’s because how well it is designed with Starr and the poster! It shows the basic overview of what the book is all about. I love it. 


Winner: Both

Even though the design is exactly the same but the color is different. I just cannot pick one over other. I love purple and I love teal. I cannot wait to see what they look like finished. I wonder what texture they will come up with? Satin-like finish? Glossy? 


Winner: U.K. edition

I love the U.S. edition. The U.K. edition just edged it out… barely. I love the artwork here. The colors, the typography. It just works for me. I am on a hunt for the hardcover of the U.K. edition. If anyone knows where it is, please do let me know. I looked everywhere.

Spinning Silver

Winner: U.K. edition

Same reason as Uprooted but something about the U.S. edition speaks to me. I’m glad to see the same design for both editions, even though Uprooted has been out for a while. I am planning on getting the hardcover of the U.K. edition soon. 

Strange the Dreamer

Winner: U.K. edition

When I first saw the revel for the U.S. edition, I did not fall in love with it BUT when U.K. edition came out… YES! I think people love it enough that the U.S. paperback edition ends up being just like the U.K. edition with a bit of change. I’m thinking to get the paperback so I can read this.

Muse of Nightmares

Winner: both

Much I didn’t like Strange the Dreamer – the US edition, I love this one. I honestly think it’s the color combo with the bird that helps a lot. It’s more readability. I do adore the U.K. edition. Image the bookshelf with the blue book and the orange book. beautiful. I cannot wait to read these books to figure out the meanings behind the covers. I hope the U.S. paperback edition is going to be like the U.K. edition.

Station Eleven

Winner: U.S. edition

Yeah. I don’t think I can say why I like the U.S. edition more. I am not 100% sure of why or how the U.K. edition came out as it did. I don’t know what else to say.


Winner: U.K. edition

Much I like the U.S. edition, I just love the U.K. edition much more. It’s so beautiful. The orange and the young woman. It just blends perfectly. I love the typography. It works perfectly. I cannot imagine it being all flowery. 

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe

Winner: both

I have a hard time picking up which one I love more. I have watched people explaining the book on YouTube and I honestly think both pretty much tells the story easily without giving away spoilers. Obviously, the girl in these covers is alone and in space. I can’t even pick which color combos or typography I love more. What do you think?


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