Favorite Covers of 2017

Favorite Covers.jpg

I kept seeing great cover reveals for 2018 and already can make a long post out of that, but before I do that; I need to do one for 2017. Just like 2018, 2017 have a great year when it comes to cover reveals. I am definitely one of the people who would at times, buy a book only because of the cover and I am okay with that. 

Now, some of the books here, I don’t own myself but loved the cover. I hope one day, to get these books. I want to warn you, this is one long post, the pictures below has 52 total. I cannot just narrow it down when it comes to covers. 



4 thoughts on “Favorite Covers of 2017

    • Nicole @ booksinked says:

      I just cannot narrow it down, they’re so beautiful! Wild Beauty is beautiful. I cannot wait to see her next book’s cover!


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