2018 Goals

2018 Goals

Hello! I am here to talk about my reading and blog goals for 2018. I sure do hope that I am able to reach my goals in 2018 much better than I did in 2017. I hope the goals that I have made for myself would help me to headstart my reading. I sure do miss it. 

Reading Goals

Reading Challenges

Read 12 Books
One book per month. If I happen to read more, that’s awesome. It is just that I am barely reading as of right now so I thought to make it so much simple for me is to read a book per month. I hope eventually I am able to read more than just one. 

Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge
I saw this on the website and thought that the themes are pretty awesome and it’ll push me to read wider and harder, rather just than YA. I love and will always read YA but I want to spread my reading habits into Adult and Middle Grade as well. If I am not able to finish the book list, that’s cool – at least, I get to read. 

Beat the Backlist Challenge
I am sure you saw my post on this very topic. As I said, I hope to read one per month, and right now, my goal for this challenge is six books from my backlist.

Unfinished Books
I have said that in my wrap up posts, I have been reading but not finishing books at times and I want to pick them back up and actually finish them. We will see if I am able to fulfill this goal at the end of the year. 

I hope to at least, join one readathon in 2018 after my reading is back on track. They are always fun and I want to participate. 

General Reading Goals

Read Wider
Like I have mentioned above, I want to be able to read Adult and Middle-Grade novels. This past year, pretty much the books that I was actually reading is all Young Adult novels and I am loving them. I just want to read a wide range of books and finding books that I am in love with. I am also going to be more selective with the books that I want to read. I want to be able to read books that I know that I’m going to love. I know that it won’t happen like that but I want to love more than I dislike. 

Diverse Books
I will keep on my support for the diverse books. We got to a great start in 2017. People are loving a lot of these wonderful books. I am looking forward to seeing what 2018 has to bring. If even though if I did not read or buy these books, I will keep on boosting these novels on Twitter and here on my blog. They need to be heard and be encouraged to be read.

Right now, all of my books came from gifts, my own money, and subscription boxes. I want to go back to the libraries and check out books from them. I am working on becoming a librarian and I want to support them. They are doing awesome for us. They are a great source. 

Blogging Goals

TBR Posts
I am not doing a TBR post for at least, few months. I have been finding myself avoiding these books for some odd reason. For example, I wanted to read The City of Brass and The Fifth Season and I have not read one word from these books. I am a mood reader, to my surprise. I have been always a list kind of person. We will see how it would go. Maybe I will be doing a TBR post time to time, and for sure, I will do a TBR for a readathon with multiple choices for each topic that they would come up. 

Page 394
I love this idea. Here’s the link: Page 394. I will do this once my reading groove is back. I cannot wait. 

Original Posts
I want to do this in 2017 and I have pretty much done some but not enough. If you have any ideas on the topic, please do let me know. 

I have been tagged few times and I need to find these tags and do them! I felt bad that I have not done them yet. 

Bookish News
I love doing the series and I am keeping it up for 2018. My only issue is finding resources that are not Twitter. Please do let me know. 

I suck at this throughout the past year. I hope to fix that next year. I will do a review post right away after I have finished a book and schedule it. I am thinking Fridays is only for the reviews. I need to do the reviews for the books that I did finish this past year. 

Finally, The Website
I am loving my theme and I want to see if I can improve upon that. Maybe reaching out to someone that can help me create a logo, building off what I did with my current one. I need to find a way to have small images I tend to do for my posts and have it complement the new logo. 


9 thoughts on “2018 Goals

  1. Emma says:

    I find that making TBRs helps me organise my thoughts and prevents me from feeling overwhelmed about how many books there are that I want to read. For good sources for bookish news, I’d recommend taking a look at author’s blogs or websites along with large bookish sites like epic reads.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nicole @ booksinked says:

      Honestly, TBRs is just like that for me too, but lately, I couldn’t even pick one book on my TBR this past year so I thought to let it go for a while to get my reading back on track then try the TBRs again. Thank you for the help with my Bookish News.

      Liked by 1 person

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