#TheReadingQuest | Wrap Up


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So! To recap: the reading challenge was created by Aentee @ Read At Midnight. I was hesitated to join because of my still lingering reading slump but the idea behind the challenge is making me go ahead because I want to read a book, maybe not finish one but at least read!

All of the ideas and other artwork were created by Aentee and she is so creative. Please go to her blog and give her a lot of love. She’s amazing!

All of the character artwork you see here were created by CW @ Read, Think, Ponder. They look great and I am in love with these characters. If you want to use the artwork, please do credit her by linking back to her website, thank you!

Books I Haven’t Finished

I am sad to say that I did not finish any of the books. I hope to eventually finish these books at some point in September, though. 

I knew that I won’t be able to finish all five plus the side quests that I wanted to do. I am just happy that I read a book at least! That is huge in my book. 

I am currently reading The Bone Witch though. I am liking what I am reading so far, and if I ended up liking the book, I am planning on reading the sequel when it gets released in 2018. Currently, I am in the middle of the book, and it is at the part where it is slow going. However, I have heard that the last part of the book has picked up its pace so I am looking forward to that. 



5 thoughts on “#TheReadingQuest | Wrap Up

  1. LairOfBooks says:

    So many great titles Nicole! The Bone Witch is one I took my time with because the writing is so lush & beautiful. It is slow paced & reminds me a ton of Memoirs of a Geisha, the end part does pick up. I took this one to be the authors world building & it’s a bit complex so I’m glad she continued to teach you about the world w/out sounding repetitive. Hope you enjoy the rest 🤞🏼lol. I REALLY would like to get to Binit too, I’ve heard so many great things. Hunted is my FAVE Beauty & the Beast re-telling & Labyrinth Lost was a solid start to a series I’m excited to see more of. Happy reading 💜

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    • Nicole @ booksinked says:

      Ohhh I’m going to try my best to read the books for month of September. I have heard so many good things about these books. I’m so excited. I am planning on taking notes for The Bone Witch. I find it hard if I do not do that with new worlds, I get lost really easily. I love her writing style. The world and magic system is so interesting in this book.


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