August Wrap Up & September TBR


Yeah, I suck. I did not finish The Bone Witch or other books that I have planned from my August TBR and #TheReadingQuest TBR. I truly want to break my reading slump but it isn’t easy for me, for some odd reason. At the same time, I knew I won’t be able to get to all of my books becauseย August was my busiest month. I have two weddings to attend, and I spend some time with family that I haven’t seen in a long time plus I had plans to see friends and no time to actually sit down and read.ย 

I want to finish the six books that I have planned for my September TBR plus The Bone Witch but I don’t think I would. So I am aiming to at least finish The Bone Witch and start Wonder Woman: Warbringer and another book.ย 

August Wrap Up

The Bone Witch

September TBR


14 thoughts on “August Wrap Up & September TBR

  1. Alyssa says:

    I think I’m getting into a reading slump, sadly, but I hope I find a book that can keep me going. I hope you’re able to break out soon, too! I loved Wonder Woman, so maybe that’ll be a good one to help? Happy reading!

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    • Nicole @ booksinked says:

      Maybe so! It’s on the way to me right now so I’m very hopeful it’s a book that would break me out of it. It is a big plus that she’s one of my favorite authors. I hope you aren’t going into a reading slump.

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  2. Haven says:

    I’ve barely stumbled out of my own reading slump, and I would try re-reading one of your favorites books! It totally helped me. ๐Ÿ™‚ How are you liking The Bone Witch by the way? I read it earlier this year (ARC) and I had some mixed feelings on it.

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    • Nicole @ booksinked says:

      I need to go back to The Bone Witch.. just need to write down information because there are too much things to remember, especially the new names and what they mean. I am in the middle of the book and it’s a bit slow but I heard the last half of the book picked up so I am not quite sure yet.

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      • Haven says:

        Yes, it is quite slow but it definitely does get better toward the end. And I totally agree with you on the amount of information given and how hard it is to remember it. Let me know how it goes for you ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Nicole @ booksinked says:

        I will do. I’ll do the wrap up if I actually finish a book for #TheReadingQuest. I’m very curious on how the second book will go though.

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