U.S. vs. U.K. Covers | Harry Potter Book #1


I thought this would be a good start to a series that I am thinking of starting. This topic has been everywhere so why not add to it? I thought it’d be fun to see the difference and why I would love some covers over others. 

I wasn’t sure where to start though, so I did a poll on my twitter. Here are the final results.


So, Harry Potter, it is! I wanted to do all the covers of the book from other countries and am wondering where should I look for them so I can use them? 

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (U.S.) | Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (U.K)

I love both covers. I love the artworks. It screams Harry Potter. On the U.S. cover, it shows us Harry Playing Quidditch but it also showed us the Unicorn and Hogwarts. It shows us that they will be in the story somehow. I love the typography. I love how the words: ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’ blend into the arch. 

On the U.K. cover, it shows us the Hogwarts Express with 9 3/4 sign. He either looks confused on where it is or he is in awe? One thing I do not like on the cover is the other train. It doesn’t make senses to have it there. The typography is the boring one. I wish they grab the opportunity to do an awesome one. 

Winner: U.S. Cover




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