Books I’ll (Possibly) Never Read Tag


This tag was originally posted on Ariel Bissett’s YouTube channel. I also saw recently on Jacquie’s blog: Rattle the Stars. The tag is all about the books that I don’t think I’ll ever read. It’s short and simple so let’s do this…

1. A really hyped book you’re not interested in reading?


I know that there are a lot of people that love the series. I have been hearing so many things about them and I am not even remotely interested in reading in something that won’t go well with me. I don’t want to waste my time trying to read these when I have other books that I know I would read and will love.




2. A series you won’t start/won’t be finishing?

I have A Court of Thorns and Roses, but I won’t be picking up the rest of the series. I have heard more negative than positive reviews when it comes to the series. I know that A Court of Mist and Fury is the favorite but I don’t think I will ever going to pick it up due to the writings and the issues that the books have. 

3. A classic that you’re just not interested in?

I don’t read classics but I know I won’t read Mark Twain’s books. 

4. Any genres you never read?

Horror, Mystery, and Thrillers aren’t my thing. I have tried to read them but I never get into them. It’s meh for me. 

5. A book on your shelves you’ll probably never actually read? 

Red Queen

I might read this. People have said that the book is a typical dystopia book but it is better written than they thought it would be. I might read this one day, who knows? I am not going to count it out.


15 thoughts on “Books I’ll (Possibly) Never Read Tag

  1. Satou Johns says:

    You know… I have seen “A Court of Thorns and Roses” everywhere but literally everywhere and it just does not call my attention. For some reason, the cover is not appealing to the point that I have not even read the synopsis of the book.

    Is that too intense? haha but I think that also I have so many things to read and this hasn’t reach my: maybe list… XD

    Thank you for sharing this and for reinforce my decision haha I ope you could take a look at my blog! (PS: I hope you like it :D)

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    • Nicole @ booksinked says:

      I actually have ACOTAR because the cover is beautiful in person but as the time went on, I’m hearing more and more of what happened in the book and yeah. It wasn’t that interesting as I hoped it would be so I might go and sell my copy to a used bookstore and find something else. You are justified in your feelings.

      I love your name, Inkish Kingdoms! I love how you take your pictures. I need to do that as well. 🙂

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  2. Satou Johns says:

    Thank you! We have put a lot of effort to the pictures and a lot of thinking to the name ! ❤

    It is so good to know that you like it ❤ The same thing happened to my with the book Starters. The cover was really good and peculiar and the synopsis was not that bad… and then everything when down the road… haha

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  3. ashley says:

    I refuse to read horror books. I’m actually starting to read more mystery/thriller books, I really like Dan Brown’s books, he wrote the DaVinci Code. His books are more historical where the main character has to solve a mystery.

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    • Nicole @ booksinked says:

      I don’t like Horror, mystery, and thriller. I can’t get into them. I am more likely to DNF them. I don’t know why but yeah.

      I have heard of DaVinci Code, maybe I’ll read the YA edition one day and see how I like it. Is it too dense of a read?


      • ashley says:

        Dan Brown’s books aren’t dense at all, they’re actually quite easy to read and understand. I would consider them to be more historical fiction than anything.


  4. wadadlipen says:

    I’ll read pretty much anything…but I’m pretty sure The Help missed me (that’s my pick for the really hyped category)…for a while there every one was reccing it… but then I saw the movie and lost interest lol… actually add Twilight, 50 Shades and a whole bunch of other stuff to those neverary lists for me…read what you like, I say. Of the ones you mentioned, Twain is the only one I’ve heard of or read (Tom Sawyer which I liked as a kid). Agree with Ashley re Da Vinci Code; pretty easy, pretty interesting…didn’t like Angels and Demons as much.

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    • Nicole @ booksinked says:

      Yes, same here. I never find it interesting and excited whenever I read a horror book. I don’t even like to watch horror movies/tv shows. Not my thing.


      • mphtheatregirl says:

        Don’t touch horror movies or tv shows either. People are like “but you never read or saw them- how do you know”. Just one preview ticked me off. It is just look too uncomfortable and too creepy for me.

        I don’t mind scary as in Harry Potter scary and that is as far as I will go, but Horror no way

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