The Goals for the 2nd year of 2017


I saw few blog posts on this very topic and I thought it would be a great time for me to check into my goals that I made earlier on a good note because the first half of the year basically sucked where my goals are concerned. I am also planning on removing some goals and add new goals that would work well for me. Here’s the recap with the new additions. It’ll be a long post.

Blogging Goals

New Look

I want my blog to have a new look, that would reflect who I am as a reader and as a person. I am hopeful to find or make my own graphics and a brand new logo. I am aiming to keep my layout since I love it.  

Update: I got a new logo that I am in love with. I won’t be surprised eventually that I will make some improvements upon it. It allows me to be more colorful with colors and change my accent colors to make it more fun.

Review Posts

With my reading slumps this past year, the review posts were spare. I am planning on changing that starting this week. I hope to at least post three to four reviews per month with reviews to be scheduled to post. I am planning on to write out more thoughtful reviews, along with trigger warnings and issues the books may have.

Update:  The goal that I have made here is not going well. I have books that I have finished, I just need to push myself and do these reviews. I am still trying to reach this goal for the year. If not, that’s okay. I will try again for 2018. 

Original Posts

For past few months, I have been doing memes and tags. I enjoyed doing it but it isn’t the direction that I want my blog to go into. I will be still posting them, but I want to at least start doing more original posts. With memes and tags, I kept recommending same books over and over again. I am hopeful along with my reading goals, I would be able to recommend new books. One of the original posts that I am planning on is writing more diverse posts and highlighting the book and the author(s).

Update: Yeah, I totally failed at this one. I am working getting myself back to do this goal for the rest of the year. I have few ideas. It is all about me pushing myself and just schedules them.

Reading Goals

Read More

I read a lot more books in 2016, which was great, but it did not have the numbers that I was hoping to reach, thanks to the reading slumps that I was struggling with. I am hoping to read AND finish books this year. I have a bad habit where I start and not finish, even with the books that I am enjoying. I have three books that needed to be finished. I don’t like to not finish anything, even though I would not enjoy the book. 

I am planning to still read YA but I want to read more Middle Grade and Adult books. Most of my books are YA and that needs to change. I am going to try my best to read more non-fiction books but these books never really grab my attention.

Update: I am still struggling with my reading slumps. Even to the point where I try to read shorter books and it hasn’t worked. I still have issues with starting and not finishing books. So, I am going to modify the goal a bit here. I am thinking to finish the books that I have not finished, and not to start any new books till then with expectations of two books that I am planning on reading for July. 

Unread Books

I am in an awesome challenge, Beat the Backlist. It will help me and encourage me to read books that I do have, rather than buying books and read them. I have a problem buying books. I want to at least try to reduce my unread books down to a reasonable amount by the end of the year. 

Update: I have not participated in the challenge at all. I am the worst. I think I am going to drop out because I don’t think I will be successful with the challenge. I may do it next year if it is still on for 2018, that is if I am back on my reading. 

Diverse Books

One of my goals this year is to read more diverse books. Due to me being Deaf, I want to at least read more books that have Deaf and Hard of Hearing characters, preferably Own Voices. I want to recommend these books to my friends and their children. I want to read more diverse books by diverse authors and Own Voices authors. 

Update: I am reading more diverse books, just not the ones that have Deaf and Hard of Hearing characters. I have read You’re Welcome, Universe and that was it. I hope to improve on that with maybe two more books. I am loving When Dimple met Rishi and am looking forward to the companion novel When Ashish met Sweetie coming out in 2019! My new subgoal for this goal is read more diverse books for the 2nd half of the year. 

Diverse Reading Challenges

I want to be involved in readathons that promote diverse books. In January alone, I am participating in two readathons, Dumbledore’s Army Readathon and DiverseAThon. I am also participating in Diversity Bingo 2017. I am hoping to fill every square on there.

Update: I suck at challenges. I want to do them so badly because I would get to read awesome books. So, I am making one big change for this goal and that would be, at least, join one challenge and complete it for 2017. If I do, that would be great! If you know of one that is coming up for the rest of the year, please do let me know!

Goodreads Challenge

For 2016, I wanted to read at least 25 books. I did not reach it and reduced my goal down to 15, which I reached beautifully. I read 19 books. For this year, I am hopeful to read at least 40 books. I have a huge respect for these people who are able to read 100-200 books a year. Maybe one day, I will be able to read at least 100 books in a year!

Update: I am going to keep this challenge, but modify it a bit. If I am able to read 25 books this year, that would be great. If I made up to 40, that is even amazing. So, new goal: 25 books for the year. 


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