My Dream Library


Hello! I am here to show you my dream library. Someone over at Arhaus has contacted me and asked me to do a post of my dream library and I thought it would make one awesome original post for today!

I am seeing a lot of warm colors with wood and iron. I am seeing maybe Navy Blue walls (Maritime) with beautiful big windows. I am big on rustic modern feels with fun twists. I am not kind of a girl that loves bright colors. It makes me all energetic when I want to be calm and cozy.

Here goes…


Colton 63″ Library Colton 34″ Library

The one on the left is for the walls that have no windows and if there’s room, I’m seeing both of them side by side. The one on the right, I am imaging that I have two of these with a small table in the between for a TV. 


Dune 95″ Sectional Duvall 35″ Swivel Glider | Kerouac 31″ Chair

The Dune sofa and the Duvall chair on the bottom left (two of them), I can see being in the middle of the library, facing the one with the smaller shelves and a TV. It can be so cozy and comfortable. I love how it’s gray where it’s natural enough for me to be able to add colorful pillows and blankets. The Kerouac chair, I can see being close to a window with a small table on the side along with a standing lamp for someone who wants to be away from the TV and just read with a blanket. 


Bicycle Desk Lamp | Carson Floor Lamp | Ferris 40″ Chandelier

Here is where I started to have something unique but true to my own rustic feel. It is still iron, but it’s fun to look at. I thought it is fun and truly me. 


Nori Rug | Paige Hand Knotted Rug

With the Nori rug, it would be under the Dune sofa and Duvall chair, while Paige Rug would be under the Kerouac chair.


Palmer Nesting Coffee Table Palmer Nightstand Palmer Storage Nightstand

I can see the coffee table in front of Dune sofa while the Nightstand is between them. The Storage Nightstand is next to the Duvall and Kerouac chairs.


Here is where I am not going to post certain pictures but links. I think you get the overall pictures of what I would like in my dream library. Obviously, books on the shelves along with personal trinkets. There are few things that I would like in here such as artwork, a beautiful clock, and goes on. If I can find pillows that are beautiful, the mixture of blue and pink like the Paige rug up above. 

Kearny 44″ Round Hand Carved Mirror Merida Clock Pasca Dome Franklin Desk Clock Peacock Feather Triptych Peony X-ray Print Gallery Map Print Cotton Knit Baisley Stripe Throw


2 thoughts on “My Dream Library

  1. Nova says:

    Aah I love this, it sounds like it would all come together beautifully. I’m also a little in love with that storage nightstand, along with the Merida clock. And the map print. It’s all great!

    Liked by 1 person

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