Top Ten Tuesday | Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book

For anyone unfamiliar with Top 10 Tuesday, it’s a weekly meme that was created by The Broke and The Bookish. To see more posts on this very topic, please go here.

April 18: Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book (topic: Top Ten Words/Topics That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book (back in 2013)) — so yeah basically any topic or theme or ANYTHING (ie if X person recommends it) that will make you instantly want to pick up a book. My list will likely be called Jamie-bait because there are soooo certain things you can say in a summary or a review that will just instantly draw me to it!

Favorite Authors // It is a self-explanatory topic but if there are any new books by my favorite authors, you bet that I would get my hand on them! 

Mermaids // I am a sucker for mermaids, and lucky, there’s a book that is coming out very soon! SO EXCITED! Here is a book that I am looking forward to reading: Waiting on Wednesday | #10 

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Characters // I am deaf so any new books that have them, I am going to read them. I want to see myself in a book. I am also curious on how authors would capture how we as a Deaf person sees the world.

Diverse Cast of Characters & #ownvoices // They go hand in hand and if there are awesome books with awesome characters that are diverse, bring it on. If there is an awesome book that is not #ownvoices but has an amazing rep on a certain topic, I am all for it as well.

Characters that Are Morally Gray // It is another self-explanatory topic. It is villains that you could not help but root for. 

Important Topics // I have been wanting to learn on so many different topics such as mental health, sexualities, disabilities, and goes on. I am close with so many people that are diverse among these topics and I want to learn more so I can be a better ally and a better friend than I currently am. 

Historical Fiction Novels // I am a huge history buff so anything with history, I am all in. 

Artistic/Hobby Related // I love to read that characters do things or learn about things such as art, music, sports, etc. 

Enemies to Lovers // I am a sucker for a good romance book but I am a huge sucker for people who seems to hate/dislike each other and somehow something makes them fall in love with each other. I adore that. If you have any suggestions on books with this very topic, please do let me know. I don’t read a whole lot on this topic and I want to change that.

Unique Writing Style // I adore books that are unique and has interesting ways to tell a story. I am a visual person and I love to see unique books with unique styles. 


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