Top Ten Tuesday: Fandom Freebie

For anyone unfamiliar with Top 10 Tuesday, it’s a weekly meme that was created by The Broke and The Bookish. To see more posts on this very topic, please go here.

April 4:  Fandom Freebie
Top Ten fandoms I’m in, 10 reasons X fandom is the best, must-have merchandise for x fandom, etc. etc.

I was not going to do this week’s Top Ten because I honestly don’t think I would ever come up with a total of ten fandoms that I have been in love with and turns out that I actually do! Check it out!

Friends // I watch this almost all the times when I was younger. I try not to miss any episode, and even now, I would watch reruns if it is on TV and nothing else is pulling for my time. I loved each character, and I cannot pick just one as my favorite out of these six.

Home Improvement // I watched this show when I was in high school and I was 100% in love with JTT and Zach. I even wrote Zach and asked for his autograph and I got it! It was unreal. I would buy Seventeen and other teen magazines and they would have these posters and I would hang up JTT’s poster. 

Face Off! // I started watching regularly a few years ago – Season Seven where I was in love with Cig. He’s back for All-Stars this season and I am rooting for him! It is a completion show where people would do special effect makeups that would look great in a movie or in a TV show. 

Project Runaway // We all know what this show is. I cannot help but watch these people bitching and groaning and moaning if one did not do what they think they should do. I loveeeee Tim Gunn! I love it when I see people try their best to come up with something fresh for the same old song. 

Dinesy’s Channel // I love Lizzie McGrie and Hannah Montana. I love all new shows that have been coming out since then. I am old, not a teenager anymore but I can’t help but to feel good because it’s fluffy and it makes me forget harsh would that is out there.

Harry Potter // To be honest, I did not get into Harry Potter till College. One of my old roommates loved Harry Potter and would always tell me every detail about them. My own aunt got me the complete series of the books as my graduation gift for my Master’s Degree. I now have four Funko Pop figures, books, a blanket, and more of them. I am planning on growing my collection. 

Minions // I don’t know what it is about them but I cannot help but fall in love with these cuties. I want to have them in my house… well… maybe not in my house but nearby and be my friends – forever. 

NCIS // I started watching the show since its Season five or six. Couldn’t stop watching since. My favorite characters were and still is – Timothy McGee and Ducky. I know that they are around for a long time but I hope I get to see more McGee and less other characters. I feel like they focused more on certain characters and not others, even though they are main characters.

Marvel // I only truly like Captian America, Iron Man, Thor, and Guardians of the Galaxy, especially Groot! I love Groot. I cannot wait for the Vol. 2 to be coming out soon!

Skam // I am 100% in love with the Norwegian show, and I found it on Tumblr when I was bored. These characters. Sighs. There are three seasons, by far and they are currently filming their fourth. They have set up each season as one character to be the main character while other characters are supporting and a new season is a new main character from that supporting characters while the former character is now a supporting character. First: Eva. Second: Noora. Third: Isak. Fourth: Unknown at this point. You can watch the seasons here.


14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Fandom Freebie

  1. Jolien @ The Fictional Reader says:

    SKAM! I can’t tell you how happy I am to see it on a list! I adore that show. Just adore it. Season 3 is definitely my favorite, and I can’t wait to find out who season 4 will revolve around. Friends, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings are the fandoms I turn to when I’ve had a bad day. They always manage to make me feel better 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alyssa says:

    Friends is the go-to show for me when I just want to unwind and relax. I got my husband into it too. And Harry Potter is just the absolute best. The first think I ever obsessed over. :p Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nicole @ booksinked says:

      Oh yes. Friends is one show that you need a big laugh over a bad day and Harry Potter, is where we would go and forget everything and get into a magical world.

      Liked by 1 person

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