January Wrap Up & February TBR


Hello! It is already February?! Time flew by as always. January was an interesting month, so to speak. I won’t go into it since we all know what has/is happening since the 20th. I am here to talk about my reading month which ends up being another okay month. Let’s go to my rambling. 

I did not end up reading all seven books that I wanted to read for the DAReadAThon, so I moved a couple of them onto DiverseAThon. Seven books ended up being too much for me. Like I said few times, I think it is better for me to be able to read a book per week. The books that I did read will have a review coming up in February. It is about time I finally get reviews up and going. Whew. 

I got a brand new Kindle for Christmas and then I went on a preordering spree. I made sure I spread it out over the year as possible. Please let me know if you want me to do a Kindle/book haul post sometimes soon. 

For the month of February, I want to read a couple of books that celebrate Feminism. I found out about #FEMINISTLITFEB by a BookTuber, Jane Lindsey @ItsJaneLindsey. You can go to her YouTube for more information. She has five challenges, and I might not be able to cover each one myself and I will double a book on two challenges, maybe. Here is the information in case you are interested. I am not 100% sure on the books to read, and we will find out what when I post my February Wrap Up.

1. Read a book with a feminist protagonist.
2. Read a work of feminist nonfiction.
3. Read a diverse book, preferably own voices (my feminism is intersectional, therefore my reading is intersectional).
4. Read a book by an author who identifies as female, non-binary, or gender fluid.
5. Ask a feminist for a book recommendation, then read it.

I want to be more involved. In the past, I am always a chicken to get involved because I am never good at standing up for myself and for others because I cannot seem to find words that would be encouraging and supportive and I always put my foot in my month. I hope to read more books that would help me to find words and figure out a way for me to support others the best way as I can. 

January Wrap Up

More Happy Than Not | If I Was Your Girl | Tone Deaf

February TBR

The Hate U Give // Angie Thomas
The moment I found out about this book, I knew I need this book so I preordered it when it became available for my kindle. I am so excited to read the book. 

Gilded Cage // Vic James
I got the eARC from NetGalley. I need to read the book before it releases on the 14th, I think and post a review for that day. I do not really hear much about this book, but when I do, I heard it was a great book. I am looking forward to reading this. If I like this book, I am planning to pick up its sequel, Tarnished City that is set to release sometime this fall. 


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