November Wrap-Up & December TBR


This post will be super long than my usual. 

I mentioned on my October Wrap-Up that I was going out of the town this month. I had fun. I went to Washington, D.C. with my boyfriend for his friend’s wedding and we made plans to go to the National Mall and checked out few museums and White House. The atmosphere in that city is completely different from Boston. It felt so chill.

I think I did okay this month compared to October. I still have a problem finishing books but I am getting there. I only ask how can someone like me work on finishing books when there are many books that you want to start? I only can hope it will get better over time and actually finishing books.

I have a question on reviews, how can I do reviews on sequels? I do not want to spoil anything. I am asking for advice.

I am working on few eARCs that I got from NetGalley and other sources on and off. I won’t be posting the reviews until February with the exception of two (they are due on the first full week of December) so I am taking my time with them but I would like to have reviews done and scheduled by then. I have a question for you guys. I am quite new at having ARCs and wanted to be sure I am doing this correctly. For example, I have an eARC of Glided Cage by Vic James. It won’t be released until February 14th. Should I schedule it for on that day or afterward? 

Here are the books that I have finished reading for November and funny enough, it is all Harry Potter. 

 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets | Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban | Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them: The Original Screenplay

I adore Harry Potter even more as I read on and I can’t wait to write reviews on them and schedule it for April. I technically read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in the movie. You see, I am deaf and for me to be able to enjoy the movies in theaters, I wore glasses that would show subtitles or captions. I loved the movie. So, when I get back home and started reading the book, and saw that I basically read it either way. 

These books that I am still slowly reading. 

Crooked Kingdom  | Gemina

Like I said at the start of the post, I have a problem finishing books and I truly love what I am reading with Crooked Kingdom and Gemina, but so many books that I want to read, I would drop them, and start a new book. With that being said, one of my reading goals for 2017 is actually finishing books. 

I did not have a chance to read Wolf by Wolf and Blood for Blood, to my disappointment. I hope I will be able to get in December. 

Speaking of December, here’s my December TBR that I hope I get to. 

Wolf by Wolf | Blood for Blood | Nevernight | Passenger | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

December is a month where I have been putting books on hold in favor of others and I want to finish them up before the new year hits. Nevernight and Passenger is one of these books that I need to finish and post reviews. I have been putting them off for far too long. Wolf by Wolf and Blood for Blood is a duology that I truly want to read. As for Crooked Kingdom and Gemina, I hope to be able to finish them sometimes in the next few months. As for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I am planning on bringing that with me to Florida when I fly down to visit my parents for Christmas. It is a big book and It will last me a while on the flights (when I say flights, I mean flights – I have one stop) but if I happen to finish it on the flights, I will have my kindle with me so we will see what I will read by then. 

Finally, my book haul. Technically two of three, I did not set out to buy because it came in a subscription box. 

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them: The Original Screenplay | Heartless | Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

I preordered Fantastic Beasts…  ever since the summer when I first heard that they were going to publish the book, and this is before the cover reveal. I love the cover! It is so beautiful. I honestly can say this is my favorite book cover by J.K. Rowling.

I got Heartless in my OwlCrate box and in it, we got an exclusive limited edition cover for Heartless and I am in love with it, even more than the black and red one! They also included Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with beautiful Illustrations by Risa Rodil. She did few artworks for OwlCrate and I love her work. The cover you see up above is by Risa for Rock Paper Books


20 thoughts on “November Wrap-Up & December TBR

    • Nicole @ booksinked says:

      Thanks! I enjoyed Harry Potter and can’t wait to continue on with the series. I really need to finish Nevernight. To warn you, it’s slow at first but it picked up, oh boy, does it pick up!? I am hopeful that I am able to finish the books this month! 🙂

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  1. Fadwa @ Word Wonders says:

    This is a GREAT month for you 😀
    Answer to your questions from my own experience as well as what I’ve seen on other blogs.
    1- Reviews for sequels can be pretty hard to write, I know I struggle with them because like you I don’t want to spoil anything from the previous book so what I do is focus on the vibe of the book, the pace etc.. without details and if there’s Something I absolutely need to talk about, I write it in white font which meand that you have to click and select it to actually see it. (my Crooked Kingdom review is going up later today if you want to check it out so you can see what I’m talking about)
    2- As for Arcs, you can write your review for them anywhere from a month before release to a week afterwards. Like for February 14th you can publish your review between January 14th and February 21st.
    I hope I’m making some type of sense hahaha I can be very confusing sometimes 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nicole @ booksinked says:

      I love it so far! Marie Lu did a great job drawing. I can see why Amie and Jay got her to do it. It was great. I am nervous about going on even more because that means something will happen to my buddies.

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