Top 10 Tuesday: All About The Villains

For anyone unfamiliar with Top 10 Tuesday, it’s a weekly meme that was created by Brokeandbookish. To see more posts on this very topic, please go here

October 4:  All About The Villains
I don’t think we’ve done a villains topic since back in November 2010 so let’s revisit: top ten favorite/most compelling villains in books, top ten of the most vile villains/bad guys in books, top ten villains I secretly (or not so secretly) love, favorite TV villains, favorite comic book villains, ten “villains” of contemporary lit.

I am not sure what to put down so there will be a mixture of villains from TV shows, movies, and books. Also, there might be villains from same TV shows, books, and movies. There will be ones that I love and the ones that I truly dislike. These first two should not surprise you at all. 

1. Lord Voldemort; Harry Potter

Obviously, once I saw the topic for the Top 10 Tuesday, I automatically choose Voldemort because of the fact that he chooses a child that did not do anything but to be born and split his soul into seven pieces so he won’t die. He enjoyed the fact that he killed thousands of people and wants to do more damages. His own followers are scared of him and punished them over stupid things. 

2. Dolores Umbridge; Harry Potter

To be honest, I had a hard time placing Umbridge 2nd because to me, she is the worst. Punishing students for tiny things and have them to write lines with a blood quill. she came up with most stupid rules and enjoyed ruining people’s lives, especially Harry since that year was hard on him – dealing with Snape, dealing with Umbridge, dealing with the fact that he had to grieve alone from Cedric’s death, dealing with Sirius and the fact that he is alone in that dark house, and people turning on him. 

3. President Coriolanus Snow; The Hunger Games

I don’t think him as a President because a President would not let any child to kill each other, and for what exactly? A good President would stop the Games and try to better a country that was in ruins and made it better. He instead played games with people’s lives.

4. Scar; The Lion King

The fact that he killed his own brother, made his nephew leave the Homeland, and basically made the Homeland so dark and depressing. Evil.  

5. Loki; Thor

I have not read any comics or novels about Loki but I have watched the movies that Tom Hiddleston is in and he made me hates Loki but root for him at the same time. 

6. Quintus Lentulus Batiatus; Spartacus

If you have not watched Spartacus on Starz – you need to do it now. It was a miniseries show and I loved it. Batiatus, he rubbed me the wrong way and the way he played with the men’s lives for fun, and his own wife (Lucy Lawless – she’s awesome) is the same. People often say if the couples have common interests tends to stay together. This is your proof. 

7. Marcus Licinius Crassus; Spartacus

Rome had appointed Crassus to try and figure out how to kill Spartacus and his army because they are the thorns in Rome’s ass, so to speak. He is smart and good at strategies. No wonder why he was the richest man in Rome. He trained himself and others to kill with no mercy. 

8. Tiberius Licinius Crassus; Spartacus

This is Marcus’ son. Believe it or not, he is like his father – the only difference is that he is young and he is figuring out his own way. He is rather good at being a villain. He did lose his respect for his father after having his best friend being killed due to the army’s disgrace and would not attempt to save him.  

9. Bellatrix Lestrange; Harry Potter

Hard to believe that this is Draco’s aunt, Sirius’ cousin and Narcissa and Andromeda’s sister since they have, you know, feelings and compassion. She lived to kill and be very loyal to Voldemort. She would kill her own family for Voldemort. 

10. President Alma Coin; The Hunger Games

Like Snow, Coin only wants to control by fear. That is why Katniss killed her. She doesn’t think Panem will survive with Coin as a leader. She desired to rule, not because she wants things to changed, because she wants revenge. I don’t think she would ever think for the people. 

Disclaimer: All the pictures you see above were taken from their own Fandom Wikia pages.


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