Reading Group: Nevernight

I went on twitter, asking people if they are more than willing to do a buddy read with me for Jay Kristoff’s Nevernight. Jay himself retweet my tweet! HOW AWESOME is that?! 

After that, Anabelle (@Stehlblueten on twitter) offered me to join her small group and from there it grew to eight people! 

So, we are starting on September 5th and doing in parts. I will post a review, hopefully later this month after I am done with Nevernight. I will post the link to the review in here. One thing I am excited the most about this reading group is that I get to chat with people who loves to read and not in the United States. We get to talk about different cultures. Once we are done with the book, I will post about my experiences with my first ever reading group so keep an eye out for it! 

You are welcome to post a comment here, talking about everything Nevernight! Just be careful with spoilers, so the readers that haven’t read the book won’t get spoiled. 

Here are their blogs. Philip // Anabelle // Sky // Kati // Kim // Hanna // Tasmin

Part One

Chapter 1-5 (up to page 60)

Part Two

Chapter 6-10 (up to page 120)

Part Three

Chapter 11-14 (up to page 163)

Part Four

Chapter 15-18 (up to page 217)

Part Five

Chapter 19 – 31 (up to page 370)

Part Six

Chapter 32 – End (up to page 427)



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